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How To Setup GA4 For Automotive Dealers

Why Do You Need To Setup Your Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? If you are just getting around to using your GA4, as your Universal Analytics held on a little longer than expected, or you finally have gotten through the holiday sales and can catch a breather, you’ve probably gone in and seen your metrics are […]

Marketing at the Speed of Consumer Demand and Dealer Inventory

Heading into a slew of sales events in the coming months, the trends are pointing toward a continued strong rebound for automotive sales in 2021. We provide an update on the data we’re seeing and how Foundation Direct clients are primed to move at the speed of not only consumer demand — but also dealer inventory in an especially unsteady time for the industry.

Navigating the Connected TV Space for Marketing Your Dealership

Advertising on the TV screen has evolved. Cord-cutting continues at an accelerated pace as 5.1M Americans cut the TV cord in 2020 resulting in an estimated 107M Americans who no longer subscribe to cable or satellite TV³. On the flip side people are flocking to streaming services with nearly 70M of households stream OTT content to their TV¹ — marketers are following audiences with CTV advertising in the US increasing 25% in 2020⁵.

Should my dealership be on DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo — a privacy focused search engine — has been receiving headlines recently for eclipsing 100M searches per day for the first time. Dealers might start wondering if they should be advertising on the growing search engine.