Two Former Googlers Disrupt Conventional Agency Model With New “Go Direct” Solution

Auto dealers enjoy innovative solution to digital marketing

Two former Google employees, both with extensive experience in the Automotive space, have recently left the tech giant to launch Foundation Direct, an industry-leading option for Automotive marketers to take control of their digital advertising strategy by going direct to the largest digital media companies.

“We created this company to give the industry a better option,” says Andrew Diffenderfer, Co-Founder of Foundation Direct. “We saw current automotive ad agencies overcomplicating digital marketing, using outdated strategies and tactics to do what technology can now do better, faster, and with higher levels of accuracy.”

Foundation Direct provides a robust technology platform that connects industry-leading automation with inventory, pricing and incentives. It integrates directly into Google, YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft, saving advertisers time and money while maximizing dealer profitability.

“We want to make it simple for dealers to have the best possible digital strategy without any headaches or frustration,” says Tim Mueller, Co-Founder of Foundation Direct. “This direct route provides unparalleled transparency into where dealers’ ad dollars are spent, and reduces administrative costs that are unnecessary given the technology we have today.”

During their time at Google, Diffenderfer and Mueller helped build Google’s Automotive Retail division, where they worked with thousands of dealers who faced similar challenges and shared similar sentiments.

“Google taught us how to think big and simple: how to use technology to solve problems. Leveraging tech to automate and customize your ad strategy allows you to move at the speed of the customer and differentiate your dealership,” said Diffenderfer.

While Foundation Direct aims to support the automotive industry with their “Go Direct” model, their solution also helps large tech partners by ensuring the ads served on their properties are as relevant and useful as possible to the end user.

“Today, a portion of a dealer’s budget goes straight to their agency or their OEM. Our platform ensures 100% of their ad spend goes directly into the media, giving the dealer total control of their strategy,” says Mueller.

Foundation Direct will be visiting major metro cities through November and December. Please reach out to for information on dates and locations.

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